Saturday, 6 October 2012

Industry - keywords

Assisted area

An area that receives government help to attract industry
Capital intensive
An industry that spends a lot of money on equipment and machinery, and employs few workers

Enterprise zone
A small area that receives special government help to attract industry.

Extractive industry

Quarrying and mining
Footloose Industry

Industry  that is not tied to a particular location
Greenfield site

Land that has not previously been built on
Heavy Industry
Making large, heavy goods using raw materials such as coal and iron e.g. shipbuilding

High tech Industry
One that uses advanced equipment to make goods e.g. computer chips

Industrial estate
A planned industrial area, often with readymade factory units

Industrial inertia
When an industry stays in an area after the reasons for it being there have gone

Labour intensive
An industry that requires a lot of workers

Light industry

Making small goods with small amounts of raw materials e.g. jewellery
Primary industry

Industry which collects resources provided by nature e.g. farming, forestry, fishing and mining.
Raw materials

Items used to make another product
Secondary Industry
A manufacturing industry (make)

Service industry
Provides a service to people or other industries e.g. transport, retail. Also known as tertiary industry (serve)

Sunrise industry

A new, growing industry e.g. electronics.
Sunset industry
 An old, declining industry e.g. shipbuilding.