Sunday, 7 July 2013

J - list of geographical terms and definitions

Jet Stream: A water course flowing at a high speed through a valley or a plain. It normally flows from west to east.
Job Rotation: workers are skilled in a number of different jobs and several people are capable of doing each job. This ensures that each job can be covered in the case of absence. It also means that jobs can be regularly rotated to prevent a worker from becoming bored in a particular role.
Joints: A naturally formed crack that runs through a rock are called joints.
Joints: small cracks in the layers of rock created during earth movements.
Jurisdiction: The right and power to apply the law; the territorial range of legal authority or control.
Just-in-Time: a production system where components are delivered just in time for assembly. This saves transport and storage costs as well as theft.
Juvenile Water: In geography terms, water that is formed within the Earth and reaches the surface through an intrusive rock is called juvenile water.