Sunday, 7 July 2013

Z - list of geographical terms and definitions

Zenith: The highest point in heaven directly above our heads.
Zeugen: Zeugen, also known as mushroom rocks or rock pedestals, are one of the most striking manifestation of the processes of erosion and weathering. They are mostly found in deserts.
Zonal soil: Zonal soil refers to any one of the great groups of soil which have well-developed soil characteristics and reflect the zonal influence of climate and living organisms, mainly vegetation, as active factors of soil genesis.
Zone in Transition: the inner city area around the CBD. It is a zone of mixed land uses, ranging from car parks and derelict buildings to slums, cafes and older houses, often converted to offices or industrial use.
Zoning: where industry is separated from residential areas to avoid pollution, traffic congestion etc. Zoned areas are a result of planning.
Zooplankton: In geographic terms, a zooplankton refers to the aggregate of animals or animal-like organisms in plankton, as protozoans.