Sunday, 7 July 2013

Y - list of geographical terms and definitions

Yardang: In geography, yardang refers to a keel-shaped crest or ridge of rock. It is formed by the action of wind, usually parallel to the prevailing wind direction.
Yield: how many crops a particular field, farm, or area of land produces. It also applies to milk (yields) from dairy cows.
Yield: The term yield has a lot of interpretations in several contexts. However, in geography, the term yield refers to give forth or produce by a natural process or in return for cultivation.
Younger Dryas: In geography, dryas refers to any creeping plant belonging to the genus Dryas, of the rose family, having solitary white or yellow flowers, comprising the mountain avens. Hence a younger dryas refers to a dryas that is younger.
Youthful Population Structure: seen as a wide base on population pyramids that reflect high birth rates in LEDCs.
Youthful Population: in the population structure of LEDCs, there is often a higher proportion of young people due to high birth rates and a reduction in infant mortality due to better nutrition, education and medical care. This may create problems since the children need feeding, housing, education and eventually a job. Medical care and education has to be paid for by taxing a proportionally small number of workers.